Treasure Hunt

Stay the Night
Rotting meat and peanuts

The sun is setting as the Captain of the ship Moondance explains to his passengers that the ship will not be able to depart this evening, insisting that there is some maintenance that needs to be taken care of on board. He suggests that they spend the evening in the Frisky Mermaid, a tavern that caters to many travelers looking to make their way across the sea.

Immediately upon hearing this, One of the people in the crowd- an 8 foot tall goliath barbarian, races to the door of the tavern shouting about “glory and ale” the others, a genasi of the water manifestation named Fishmael and an eladrin ranger that goes by the name Haden discuss the quality of the tavern. A local man named Gale overhears them talking about it, and interjects that he has been living here for about 5 years…and that It’s awful.

they enter the tavern and order some drinks from the shady looking bartender. Fishmael gets into an argument with him concerning vermouth, while the goliath and Gale solicite a hooker and bring her up to Gales room.

The night progresses and finds our would-be heroes spread out amongst the inn. Haden sleeps in his room, while the nameless goliath regales fanciful (and most likely fictional) tales of his exploits with sea monsters and swimming contests. Fishmael stands outside on the dock with Gale, who is rambling on about his grandfather…and chickens. deciding to take a dip in the water, Fishmael notices several dark shapes dart through the cold depths and head for shore, he decides to follow them as they creep up the side of the inn and break into Haden’s room.

Gale drunkenly falls into the ocean and begins to scream for help, but is ignored and dies.

Meanwhile, as Haden sleeps, 3 wererats climb through his window and into his room, he is awakened by one of them stabbing him in his bow hand. luckily Fishmael was hiding just out of sight and came to his aid. As the sound of the battle increased, the goliath (hearing the commotion from the room next door, burst through the wall and joined in the fray.

Upon seeing his comrades brutally dismembered, the leader of the wererats leaps from the window to escape. he is followed by the goliath, but easily evades him and slips off into the darkness. they search the bodies for clues, but find only matching tattoos beneath the rats mangy fur.

The adventurers determine they should stick together, and decide to call it a night.

The next morning they awake and head back to the ship, which has been repaired and is ready to sail. The Captain welcomes them aboard, and as he heads to his cabin, Haden and the goliath notice him limping slightly.

The boat sets sail.

Backstory and details

The Frisky Mermaid is a tavern located on the coast of the eastern sea, frequented by a multitude of shady characters, mercenaries, pirates and privateers. This is where your party will meet.

The only common interest that you share is that you are boarding a vessel to take you across the eastern sea. each of you have a different reason for the trip, and it is up to you whether or not that reason in worth sharing with the party. Will you hide your true intentions? or will you open up to these strangers. Keep in mind that these vessels are know for their untrustworthy crews and involvement in smuggling and kidnapping, but hey, it’s a cheap ride.

Your characters begin at level 5. you all begin with a standard adventurers kit and whatever relevant items your character would have.

Good luck.


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